Package Merging

Package Merging is a powerful feature that combines packages at all times. You can select an extension to merge which will then be included in every other package. The great thing about it is that all packages will always contain the newest version of the to merge package. You can use this to embed a framework and individually update it. Whenever you update, all other packages will receive the update as well.

Merging works two ways; you can upload a new update for the to merge extension which will then update all other packages. You can also add a new update for another extension that will then get the latest version of the to merge extension and embed it in its own package.

Don't worry! Your original package files will not be altered. A second merged copy will be created.

Merging Options

Option Explaination Recommended Value
Merge Extensions Enable this to enable the merge system. Disable this if you do not want to merge or if you do not know what this feature is about. No
Extension to merge The extension that will be embedded in every other extension. Think about a framework, for example.