Downloading the software

To install MS software packages, you'll need to start with downloading the software. If you must pay for the software, you cannot download the software before doing so. After the verified purchase or when an extension is free, press the download button on the extension page. A package should be downloading to your computer. If you've bought the extension but you cannot download the package, please contact support.

Installing it into your Joomla! website

After downloading the software, login to your Joomla! Administrator panel and navigate to Extensions > Install. Open the Upload Package File tab and drag or choose the recently downloaded package file. Press the install button to start uploading and installing the package. If the package installed succesfully, you should see a green message on your screen. With our software, you should also see a table of installed packages and their versions.

I cannot install the software!

The software has been tested to make sure it can install. Most of the time the Joomla! version or webserver PHP version are the problem. The software will show errors if your setup does not meet one of the required specifications. Please refer to the specific package requirements to be sure.

Version Note
PHP 5.5 Your webserver should run PHP version 5.5 as a minimum. Consider upgrading to at least 5.6. PHP 7 is strongly recommended!
Joomla! 3.x Joomla! 3.x is required for all software found on our website. We do not provide support for packages that magicly work on Joomla! 2.5


Updating the software can be done manually by downloading the package from our side again. Follow the steps to install it above. You may also use the Joomla! update system to update the software.

You will not receive automatic updates through Joomla! if your subscription has expired on our site. Purchase the software again to enable it again.

What are MS Framework and MS Library?

The two packages are our framework and library. The framework is a plugin that makes sure our software works and every required class is loaded. We do have software containing the same features and instead of building these twice, we include a general framework. The framework also holds the styling and classes required for our altered backend components.

The library contains helper classes that are not required all the time. This way it saves the webserver RAM because it does not needs to load all the classes included. They'll be loaded when needed. Both packages are harmless.